P11 Development of an EQ-5D-5L Value Set for Italy Using Videoconferencing Administered Personal Interviews: Reporting on the Feasibility of a New Mode of Administration for Valuation Studies


      To derive an Italian value set for the EQ-5D-5L using videoconferencing interviews and to determine the feasibility of this mode of administration.


      Preferences were collected using the EQ-VT V2. Two valuation methods were employed, composite time trade-off (cTTO) and discrete choice experiment (DCE). The target sample size was 1,000 participants. Participants were recruited using a market research company with experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection. Videoconferencing administered interviews were conducted by 11 interviewers selected among PhD students, researchers, and other academic affiliates. A pilot of 199 interviews was employed to assess the technical, operational and protocol feasibility of videoconferencing interviews. Standard QC parameters were used to monitor interviewers’ performance during the data collection. To inform the modelling choices, GLS, Tobit, Logit, Probit and Hybrid models were fitted to the data, with different error specifications. Models were compared in terms of monotonicity of coefficients, statistical significance, and theoretical considerations.


      1182 videoconferencing interviews were completed between October 2020 and February 2021, including 199 feasibility pilot interviews. Dropouts and technical problems occurred in less than 5% of the interviews, and all interviewers complied with the protocol as well as showing significant improvements in QC parameters. The results suggested videoconferencing was a feasible mode of administration. The final sample was representative of the Italian general population for age, gender, and education as recorded in 2019 by ISTAT. Among the models tested, the Hybrid Tobit heteroscedastic model without constant was selected for the derivation of the tariff. In the selected model, coefficients for all dimensions levels were statistically significant and monotonically decreasing. Values ranged from -0.571 for the PITS state to 1 for health state 11111.


      An Italian societal value set for the EQ-5D-5L was developed. This can be used for economic evaluations and decision making in Italy. Videoconferencing appeared feasible for valuation interviews.