Cost of Illness Study of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Newly Established Diabetology Outpatient Facility in the Czech Republic


      The number of patients in the Czech Republic treated for diabetes in 2013 was nearly 862 thousand. The Type 2 diabetes mellitus share was 91.7 %. The number of treated diabetics has been increasing in a long-term trend as well as the number of their chronic complications. The goal of the study is to estimate the cost of type 2 diabetes from the health insurance perspective in a newly established regional diabetology outpatient facility.


      The cost-of-illness analysis of the direct costs was performed from the third-party payer perspective based on data from the year 2014. The bottom-up approach was used. Data of all 552 patients with Type 2 diabetes were (all patients with Type 2 Diabetes in the ambulance) were taken into consideration. Altogether 1 696 consultations were provided to the patients during the particular year.


      The average cost of consultations for one type-2-diabetes patient per year was CZK 840.56 (~EUR 30.5), the average cost of treatment for one patient was CZK 10 336 (~EUR 375), the average material cost was CZK 2 835 (~EUR 103) per patient, and CZK 113.7 (~EUR 4) was the average cost for amputation per patient, and the average cost of diabetic nephropathy was CZK 41 841 (~EUR 1 518) per one patient. The total average cost per one type-2-diabetes patient was CZK 55 956 (~EUR 2.031) in 2014.


      Our data indicate that the cost of type 2 diabetes mellitus was CZK 55 956 (~EUR 2 031). A longitudinal study is, however, required to confirm the development of the average patient cost and take account of the cost of complications.