Mammography For Breast Cancer Screening In India – A Health Technology Assessment


      To assess the clinical and cost effectiveness of mammography for breast cancer screening in India


      A systematic literature search was conducted in all the available scientific databases - Cochrane library, MEDLINE, PUBMED Science Direct, EMBASE, SCOPUS and Google Scholar for relevant studies. We identified 31 studies and literature filter started by scanning titles; abstracts as well as the content of the articles according to Inclusion criteria; finally 12 studies were included in quantitative synthesis (Meta analysis). We estimated risk of bias using Cochrane collaborating guidelines.


      Review Manager 5.2 was used to do the data analysis and results are expressed in legible diagrams, considering all 12 studies with data from 4047721 participants, Risk Ratio was calculated (RR): 0.71 (95% confidence Interval, CI: 0.67, 0.75).


      Annual screening of female population above 30 years of age could reduce breast cancer associated mortality by 29% mainly due to early detection of breast cancer detection and subsequent early treatment pathways. The cost effectiveness is about Rs. 19520/- per life year gained which is an excellent social return on investment on this technology.