Age and Gender Distribution of Outpatient Care Physiotherapy Services for Cerebral Palsy and Other Paralytic Syndromes in Hungary


      The aim of our study is to assess the utilization of out-patient care physiotherapy services related to cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes according to age and gender.


      The data come from the financial data base of the National Health Insurance Fund Administration involving the year of 2009. The activity list was provided by the rulebook on the application of the activity code list in out-patient care. The Cerebral Palsy and other paralytic syndromes are listed in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) with code of G80-G83. The number of cases in physiotherapy activities were determined per 10000 persons by age and gender in outpatient care, 2009.


      Diseases of the nervous system account for 1331675 cases in the annual number of the physiotherapy-related activities (32318413 cases) showing an approximately 4.12% prevalence. The prevalence of the Cerebral Palsy and other paralytic syndromes were 31.56% in the group of of diseases of the nervous system. The average number of cases of physiotherapy activities per 10000 persons accounted for 433 cases in 2009. The average number of cases per 10000 persons for males and females were 508 cases for males and 364 cases for females. The high number of physiotherapy treatment is provided for both gender in the youngest age group and 60-74 age groups in male and 70-84 age groups in female.


      The cerebral palsy and other paralytic syndromes at the diseases of the nervous system show high prevalence, indicating the importance of prevention.