CV3 Real-World Characterization of Hypertension Patients in Japan: A 1-Year Overview


      To characterize the real-world profile of hypertension patients in Japan and their treatments, BP control, and health care resource consumption with a primary focus on isolated systolic hypertension (ISH) and the elderly patient population.


      Data were extracted from insurance claims and from annual health examination. Only subjects who had blood pressure readings from their annual health examinations in 2009 and 2010 at 10-14 months apart were included. Subjects were identified by ICD-10-CM. Treatments were evaluated to understand the current distributions with a focus on 65+ versus <65 years of age. Control rates were calculated and costs evaluated by hypertension type.


      A total of 9269 subjects were identified with a hypertension diagnosis and annual health exam blood pressure readings. Subjects mean age was 51.61(9.54) years old, 72.6% were male, and were diagnosed for 3.72(3.95) years. 56.24% were currently controlled and 15.48% had ISH. Poly-pharmacy for hypertension was common (42.49%). ARBs (47.68%) and CCBs (28.26%) were used most frequently. The number of treatments subjects received increased with the number of years diagnosed, with an average of 1.23 medications within the first year and 2.45 after 10 years. For subjects controlled at baseline, 21.6% reverted to “uncontrolled” 1-year later and 47.9% ISH subjects improved “to-goal”. The average cost of treating subjects significantly differed over one year: JPY231,626.32 for “controlled” subjects, JPY230,989.37 for ISH and isolated diastolic subjects were least expensive at JPY141,739.55. Elderly had a significantly higher cost than subjects less than 65-year-old (JPY266,771.28 vs JPY213,091.42).


      Hypertension in Japan is characterized by poly-pharmacy and only moderate control. Elderly patients are significantly more costly to treat and “controlled” and ISH patients were the most costly to treat. Treatment was dominated by ARBs and CCBs (alone or in combination with other treatments).